After school care is available for all our students. In after care we push

our students to do homework that way they do it while the information is

still fresh in their brains and not only that but it relieves the parents

from having to do it at night after work. After all the hard work, they

get rewarded and play time is given for the remainder for the afternoon,

along with a snack.


Summer vacation is a tradition for American schoolchildren and their

families, but new research is showing that this practice may not be the

best when it comes to helping kids get the most out of their educational

experience. In fact, for some kids, a few months off in the summer can

lead to major setbacks in school, including loss of knowledge and lowered

test scores. In our center, we review what they know in the mornings and

give them brain teasers in order to help them in upcoming years. Besides

that, we have weekly field trips and activities matching themes daily.

It is all fun and games after we train our brains!